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The cool and fresh taste of mint.

Our mint has young leaves that have the best flavor and texture, leaves allowed to mature on the plant for too long can become bitter and woodsy in flavor. 

Taste Profile: Our mint imparts a fresh clean scent and a strong mint flavor with sweet overtones. 

Suggested Use: Peas and mint are a classic combination, but you can also pound that mint into a pesto with plenty of olive oil, parsley, garlic, nuts, aged cheese, and salt and spoon it lavishly on grilled meat or fish. Boil or roast new potatoes or carrots, slather them with butter, sprinkle with chopped mint and exercise the bare minimum of self restraint.


Our salad dressings have been lovingly created to help you enhance your enjoyment of our fresh Beanstalk greens. Our dressings contain no artificial additives or preservatives.