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Our Story
& Founding Farmers

Beanstalk started as a solution to solve a local restaurant’s need for consistent, high-quality salad. Several years later, it has turned into a business intent on making pesticide-free, heirloom produce available anywhere in the world.

Michael, Jack, and the Beanstalk team are working to use engineering and science to create systems that solve our modern problems and cultivate natural, tasty produce.

Farm Dog, Viper

He's travelled from Charlottesville, to Palo Alto, to Washington D.C. He's the spirit of Beanstalk. Come on by and say hello to Viper - he's normally asleep in our front office window.

Another beautiful day on the farm

Fresh every day of the year

A Farm of the Future

Imagine a fully automated farm. A farm that doesn’t need pesticides or have “seasons”. A farm that helps the environment by recycling water and reducing carbon emissions. Beanstalk is building farms that support our future.

Grows Seeds from Around the World

Beanstalk’s indoor farms create
the perfect environment for the tastiest seeds from around the world. Local produce can now be exotic.

Within the City

To build our farms, we refurbish commercial buildings with our vertical gardens. Our new growing system is 100x more productive so we can bring the farm into the city.