Pre-Made Heirloom Salads

Our salads pair our freshly harvested heirloom greens with delicious toppings and Beanstalk dressings. Each salad is a generous serving size that is perfect for one person.
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Salad Dressings

Our salad dressings have been lovingly created to help you enhance your enjoyment of our fresh Beanstalk greens. Our dressings contain no artificial additives or preservatives.
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Our salads are grown year-round, without pesticides, and with 95% less water than traditional agriculture. Not only do they last for weeks - they are sustainable and delicious.
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Like our salads, our herbs are grown indoors all year round and harvested for peak flavor. Whether you're crafting fresh mint juleps, garnishing a dessert, or chef'n it up in the kitchen, these herbs bring flavor to every dish.
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Microgreens + Shoots

Microgreens and shoots are the youngest forms of a growing plant. As a result, they are the highest in nutrient content per ounce and bring loads of flavor.
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Dips & Spreads

Our range of dips and spreads are made with love using our freshly harvested Beanstalk herbs. Try them as standalone products or combine them with our salads, herbs, and microgreens for a healthy meal that is packed with flavor and nutrition.
  • Richard B.

    “We buy a lot of ready-to-eat salads from Wegman's, and the Beanstalk salads are NEXT LEVEL

  • Maria B.

    “I was so impressed with the kale I got last week, I ordered twice as much this week.”

  • Judson H.

    “I love the environmental impact & price, but mainly I love these greens! They're so flavorful & last forever.

Our Farm - A Brief Video

Why We Started Beanstalk Farms

The best produce nature has to offer

My brother and I started Beanstalk to grow the best produce on earth. All of our produce comes from natural heirloom seeds that have more flavor and nutrition than anything else. We then deliver the day after harvest to ensure the produce is as fresh as can be! Most produce takes 7-10 days to get to the grocery store so that's a lot faster!

We hope you give it a try :)


The Ross Brothers