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Wasabi Mix

4.0 oz

A dinner party show-stopper with a hint of Wasabi that'll entertain your palate as well as your guests.

The mix contains mizuna, a Japanese lettuce with a distinct serrated leaf shape, tokyo bekana, a one of a kind, bright green and mild lettuce, rosie, a baby pak choi leaf with a beautiful red purple hue and wasabi arugula. 

Taste Profile: The asian lettuces are all mild and fresh with subtle buttery, pepper and mustard notes. The wasabi arugula sprinkled through the mix gives just enough spicy kick to really bind this mix together. 

Suggested Use: Any asian inspired salad will work beautifully. Stick with proteins like shrimp, tofu, or edamame beans and enhance it with a miso, lemon and ginger based dressing. 

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