Healthy and affordable produce
grown in robotic, vertical farms

We've designed a new farm

Grown Indoors

It’s always 65º and sunny in our farms. We use broad spectrum LED light to mimic the sun and save energy. Plants are stacked in layers, each layer with its own light, climate control, and nutrient system.

Healthy for us & the planet

We grow heirloom seeds using only clean water, organic fertilizer, and light. No pesticides or preservatives needed. We use 95% less water, have no chemical runoff, and cut down on emissions by growing locally.

Automated & affordable

Robots handle the labor intensive tasks, which creates a safe and efficient growing process. As a result, we grow the highest quality and safest produce at volumes and prices competitive with field agriculture.


Pesticides, Herbicides, or Fungicides


Less Water

100 mi

From our farm to our farthest customers

Founders Jack Ross (left) and Mike Ross (right)

Family Owned & Engineering Led

Our mission is to create a sustainable abundance of nutritious food through technological advancements in growing and harvesting. We are engineers, builders, and operators who love fresh, healthy food.

Founded by brothers, Jack and Michael Ross, Beanstalk is a family business with operations in the brothers’ home state of Virginia with sights set on expanding quickly around the world.

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