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  • Maria B.

    “I was so impressed with the kale I got last week, I ordered twice as much this week.”

  • Judson H.

    “Of course I love the environmental impact, supporting local, and the price, but mainly I love these greens! They are so flavorful and last forever. Everything else is a bonus”

  • Richard B.

    We are loving our greens. My 11 yr old son eats the pea and sunflower shoots, and he eats NO other veggies.”

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What makes our produce so special? A futuristic farm 🌱

We invented a new farming method to grow food indoors that:

  • can grow any crop that grows in soil
  • reduces water use by 95%
  • has peak season all year round
  • is pesticide-free (unlike organics)
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Natural food farmed in America

How It Works

1. Add some salads, herbs, or microgreens to your cart
2. Decide how often you want them delivered
3. Update your order any time before harvest
4. Your greens arrive on your doorstep 24hrs after harvest

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