• Heirloom Flavor

    We imported seeds from Italy so you have an excuse to drink that wine with lunch.

  • Ready to Eat

    Open the salad, mix in the pre-portioned toppings and enjoy!

Salads for Any Lifestyle

Our salads are tastier, last longer, and are friendly for almost any diet.

  • Non-GMO
  • Pesticide-free
  • Vegetarian
  • Keto-friendly
  • Diabetes-friendly
  • Carb-Conscious

Get Your Salads
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What makes our produce so special? A futuristic farm 🌱

We invented a farming method to grow food indoors that:

  • grows crops in healthy soil
  • reduces water use by 95%
  • is peak season all year round
  • is pesticide-free (unlike organics)
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Heirloom food farmed in America

Glad you asked!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try without signing up for a subscription?

Sure! We off a Sampler Box that has a little bit of everything, available here.

Do I need to wash the produce?

You do not have to rinse or wash the greens--since we never use pesticides and the produce grows indoors, it is perfectly safe to eat unwashed. But our products will hold up to a salad spinner if you prefer!

Do you offer tours?

We are so glad you are interested in visiting our farm!

We anticipate setting up tours later this year, and I'll send you an email when we are ready for visitors. Right now, it's all hands on deck growing the produce!

Are you hydroponic?

Nope! We grow all of our plants in soil and compost all of our plant waste.

How are you zero waste?

We have no runoff and all of our harvest waste is composted and used on local farms.

Why does your lettuce last so much longer?

Our produce lasts for weeks because it is delivered right after harvest - no middle man or long truck ride between our farm and your door.

Produce at the grocery store takes over a week to get from the farm to the shelves. We also do not use any pesticides, and we pack the produce very carefully so it keeps its freshness as long as possible.

Are you organic?

We follow organic farming practices but are not currently certified organic

Do you have a store I can visit?

Orders may be placed online for pickup at our farm on specific days during our pickup window. We are not yet open for walk-in customers.

Do you charge for delivery?

Yes - we ship to most of the East Coast and pass through the UPS cost to get to your door. In most cases it's only $6-7.